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We do first time Behavior Evaluations with everyone to assess handler and dog skills before prescribing sessions. 

Group classes Available

We offer in-home session as well as group classes for Behavior Modification in both Puppies and Adults.

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“Hi I’m Elly! I am a positive reinforcement trainer, certified in 2014 with Animal Behavior College and have been actively training ever since! My goal as a trainer is to help connect the missing pieces of communication between pet parent and canine companion…

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Our Main Services

We work with you to create customized training plans around your dogs needs and any challenges you currently face! This can include video and written instructions as well as task to practice in between sessions.

Our Level 1 Group Obedience Classes go over basic commands such as: sit, stay, down, come; learning how to desensitize to a given environment and distractions you may encounter while walking, and key communication skills. 

Puppies 8-20 weeks old.

We focus on Social Skills and Communication in this class, and of course getting to watch some cute puppies have some fun!

Canine must have completed training sessions with us previously or a home evaluation will be required prior to any walks. Training Walks are an hour long  and every 3 walks requires an in home sessions to update pet parents on skills and to make sure training goals are met.

If you have a dog that struggles with confidence or arousal during play, this class is for you! During these sessions you will learn about appropriate body language and play. How to call your dog away from stimulating situations, and most importantly, build both you and your dogs confidence in social situations.

What Our Clients Say

Elly is very skilled and knowledgeable in her methods of training. She was patient ad understanding with me and my dog, Florence! With her training plan in place, I was able to reach my training goals with my dog. I now have a better means to communicate with my dog to help her understand what I need from her, through the relationship based training style Elly taught us.

Allura H.

Elly is amazing! She is knowledgeable, empathetic, and thoughtful in everything that she does with us and our Teddy. Elly is so tuned into the way dogs communicate – it really helps to understand their behavior and how to set them up for success. We have been working with Elly for a few weeks and already noticing amazing progress with our Teddy. She has truly helped to coach us around better understanding Teddy and giving us useful tools that can applied to various situations. I would recommend her to anyone!! The best dog trainer in the Denver area and we are so grateful to work with her!

Marie H.

Elly has helped me via phone and online on several occasions when I came to my Rott rescue Rocko. Her advice is extremely valuable. No one knows dogs and their behaviors as well as she does. She goes above and beyond for her clients and especially the dogs. I could not recommend her more!

Matt M.

Elly is phenomenal. Empathetic, patient and beyond caring of both her human and pup clients alike! Our youngest dog has generalized anxiety and had a tough start of life — it’s incredible to see his progress and responsiveness to Elly’s program. What a gift to see our little guy gain more confidence and gradually develop more trust in the world. And above all else, he absolutely adores Elly and did so from day one of meeting her. So grateful to our friends for recommending Elly and that we now get to benefit from her wisdom and guidance in our own life! Thank you Elly!! You’re a game changer!!

Victoria F.

I highly recommend Elly! My dog was a very difficult puppy and Elly worked with her for over a year. She was so patient and understanding. She helped us with everything from meeting other dogs, to behavior in the house and walking. Elly taught us both tips and tricks and made her puppy behavior so much better. Any dog and owner would be lucky to work with Elly!

Bailey O.

Elly is by far the most patient and educational dog trainer I have used. I didn’t think there was hope for Swarley but she was able to not just train him but educate me on how to better communicate with him. She gave us homework to practice and it really helped that she emails you a summary of what we worked on and what we as owners have to work on for our next session. 

I 1000% recommend her, she has done wonders for our family!

Yazyth N.