In-Home Behavior Modification/Evaluation

Everyone has to start with an evaluation before committing to a training schedule. These evaluations are a great time to ask any questions you may have, let us get to known your canine companion and allow us a chance to get to know each other and see if it is a good fit. From there we work on developing customized training plans around your dogs needs and challenges we may face.

Instructions will be received not only in-home but through a combination of video and written channels. Our goal is to make sure you are successful in reaching your goals with your canine companion.


Fort Collins within 20 miles

85 $

Denver within 10 miles

100 $

Zoom 1 hour recorded session

70 $

Group Classes

We are happy to announce our Group Classes will be held at Sparge Brewing in Wellington!

Our Level 1 Group Obedience Classes go over commands such as:

  • Sit
  • Down
  • Stay
  • Pattern games for focus
  • Drop it
  • Leave it 
  • Relax on mat
  • Come when called
  • Loose leash walking

We will also go over topics and skills for; loose leash walking, desensitizing to the environment, working around distractions, and communication skills. If you are interested in a a class feel free to reach out and we can get started with a free phone consultation or an in-home evaluation first!

Classes are 6 weeks long and have some written instructions sent home, to help you stay on track and practice with your pups.


Level 1 Group Obedience – 6 week class


Specialized Training – TBD


Puppy Socialization

We are currently NOT hosting any group classes as we search for a new location to partner with!

It is crucial for puppies to develop good social skills at an early age! Our puppy socialization classes are not only overloaded with cuteness and a whole lot of fun, but a great way to get your puppy that socialization they need to grow into an awesome canine companion that you don’t have to worry about when going out to the dog park or visiting your family or friends and their furry friends. 

The purpose of this class is to focus on social skills and communication that our puppies develop. Puppies must be between 8-20 weeks old to participate!


Puppy Socialization Class 

10 $

Training Walks

Before being able to participate in any training walks you must first schedule an In-Home behavior evaluation.

Training walks are 45 minutes long. We will come to your home to pick up your furry friend and work on proper and safe walking techniques for them to learn. Walks don’t work without consistency though… for that reason we require an in-home session to be booked every 3 walks in order to review techniques that are being practiced and update pet parents on these skills to make sure goals are met. 

*Reactive Dogs must have at least 3 In-Home Training Sessions completed to qualify


In-Home Evaluation 

80 $

3 Pack

125 $

6 Pack

250 $

Social Skills Sessions

Please be aware that these sessions are for those clients that have already completed a Behavior Evaluation and these have been deemed appropriate for your dog.

If you have a dog that struggles with confidence or arousal during play, this class is for you! During these sessions you will learn about appropriate body language and play. How to call your dog away from stimulating situations, and most importantly, build both you and your dogs confidence in social situations.


5 Week Course (45 Min Session)

350 $